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Kodi lands on Rock2 Square Linux with HW acceleration

Community Updates

Earlier in Aprl, Marc announced in freaktab that he got RK3288 video processor (VPU) working on linux as below:

Hi guys, 

Just to show I've got the RK3288 video processor (VPU) working on linux -both decoder and encoder-:

Technically I use
- Android's libraries: for access to the vpu device driver and for memory management – both encoding and decoding h264 byte-streams
- libhybris: to access these libraries on linux/ubuntu
- rga2 device driver for 2D HW accelerated blitting and converting frames (yuv/nv21 <=> rgb)
- ARMs OpenGL library, driver and examples (fbdev) to render rotated images using the GPU
- raw framebuffer device access to blit full-screen (full-screen player and recorder)
- avlib to demux movie containers (mp4/mov) to bytestreams (player) and vice versa (recorder)
- Movies from blender projects:

Due to a clean low-level interface it should be quite easy to add video acceleration to xbmc, avlib-tools, gstreamer, vlc, … Also all hw supported formats should be supported (including HEVC).

Basically this should also work on RK3188 devices, as Androids libs are almost identical and libhybris is also working (my next project...)


- - MAC

We just get the update from Marc that he released the first public version Kodi for testing. We have tested it in the first place. I have to say the status is very completed and hardware decoding do works. Kodi runs at 1080p smoothly and still smooth when decoding 1080p video. It can even decode some HEVC video since the decoding library is from android. Check the following video for what the status it is:

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