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New wiki skin powered by bootstrapskin

Community Updates

As you have noticed that we now have a new simple but beautiful skin for our wiki. The new skin is called bootstrapskin and it's brought to us by the bootstrapskin team from UK. Lee and his team is really doing great work for the mediawiki skins.


I found their skin by google "best mediawiki skin" and then someone recommends it on Quora. When i see the bootstrapskin website(of course it's mediawiki). It's exactly what i was looking for. The current is based on the wordpress and we have a radxa wiki for the documents and tutorial. It's really not good for us to maintain two platforms. Besides, publishing on wordpress is not as good as experience as mediawiki(I like the simple markdown to write posts). So i decide to drop wordpress and transfer the whole website to mediawiki. Bootstrapskin provides a good solution to make a "mediawiki not like a wiki". After i use the bootstrapskin for our radxa wiki, i fall into it soon. It provides lots of examples on their website to help using all the elements. What's more, pages on their websites has "source code". You can view how the displayed content is made of. This is really helpful for non web developers. I referred a lot when editing the radxa wiki. To thank the great work of Lee and his team, we paid one year hosting for their server. So we became the sponsor of bootstrapskin :)

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