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Android 4.4.2 preview firmware released

Community Updates

Hi, all I am happy to announce the preview release of the Android KitKat 4.4.2 image for Radxa Rock.


Notes for this release:

This release is for Radxa Rock full version only, the lite version will have wifi problem It’s basically a full working release version, including: HDMI, Audio, Ethernet, Wifi/Bluetooth, USB host, uSD card Green led is on, blue led is off when system booting up The 13 key simple IR remote from radxa works out of the box Google play and other google service is not included in this release The default Android Launcher doesn’t look good in big monitor or TV, we are considering pre-install some cool launcher Pre-installed some apps developed by Rockchip Download:

Upgrading note:

It’s an update.img format firmware. Upgrade with RKBatchTool under Windows or upgrade_tool uf command under Linux.

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