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Firefox OS is running on rock pro

Community Updates

Matchstick is the world's first chromecast like, open software and hardware HDMI streaming stick based on Firefox OS(Another member of OSHW family). Matchstick team has ported FirefoxOS to rk3066. So the matchstick can be a FxOS develepment board. Based on this, they have developed a flint protocol, which is used by the smart phone to discover and control matchstick. They choose FxOS because it will make the sender/receiver development can be done in html5.

Fxos on rock pro.png

Since rk3066 and rk3188 of rock pro share the same android SDK, it's easy to have firefox os support rock pro as well. Naobsd has done some initial work based on the matchstick FxOS repo tree and then Byron from matchstick has got rock pro officially supported in their tree. Thanks to the matchstick team and naobsd, now we have FxOS on rock pro.

Naobsd has build the FxOS and took a video of running FxOS on the rock pro with the 7 inch LCD and the touch screen. He showed the website with WebGL on FxOS.

Firefox OS on Radxa Rock Pro

Build instructions of FxOS for rock pro can be found on at:

Images is coming soon :D

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