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radxa rock pro/lite is OSHW now

Community Updates


Dear community

I am proudly to announce that we have open sourced the hardware design of rock pro/lite, completely. This is really a brave step for us especially here in Shenzhen, China, considering that someone is just copying and pasting our wiki to theirs, some fly board is just be made like our style. The owner of Olimex, an OSHW company once said, there is no real open source hardware from China. Now, i want to say, hey, we make open source hardware and we are from China.

Why do we decide to become an OSHW project now? Because recently some innovative local startup/company comes to us(such as the open smart glass project, INMOTION Self Balancing Veh), looking for collaboration opportunity. Every other day, there is a request like that! (It also tell us that how a low cost, good support, ready for commercial project hardware platform matters.) We are really a small team with four people(update Dec 26, 2014: now eight people :). Manufacturing the rock pro, maintaining the software, supporting customers already made us very busy. We can not help people with their project but we can help them lower the risk of making their own board. So we release the hardware design file completely. These files are being made thousands of board already and proven working for us. We hope it also helpful and working for you.

The released hardware files can be found at github:

The list of the released files as below:

└── rock_pro
    ├── 00.Schmatic
    │   ├── radxa_rock_pro.DSN
    │   ├── radxa_rock_pro.pdf
    │   └── readme.txt
    ├── 01.PCB
    │   ├── RADXA_ROCK_PRO.pcb
    │   └── readme.txt
    ├── 02.DXF
    │   └── radxa_rock_pro.dxf
    └── 03.Manufacturing
        ├── PCB_prouduction_outline.pdf
        ├── RADXA_ROCK_PRO_BOM.xls


We release these hardware design file in the purpose of study and evaluation. These hardware design files, material lists etc are tested and massively produced by Radxa Limited and proven working but we can not guarantee it works under other manufacturing environment. Radxa Limited does not take responsibility of the loss or risk of using these files. It's absolutely no WARRANTY.


These files are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, you can use it for both personal and commercial usage.