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 Radxa Zero 2 >  Hardware >  Hardware revisions
Version Comment
1.0 Initial version

Known issues:

  • Lack of clearance around microSD card slot resulting the card will be blocked for insertion. (Workaround: lift the card corner slightly during insertion, so the card can "sit" on that blocking component when fully inserted)
  • TYPE-C headers are slightly misaligned.
  • PCB mounting hole location is different from Zero, as such a proposed universal case cannot share holes on the USB connector side.
  • USB 3 port may not be recognized by the board. (Manually fixed on sample boards)
  • GPIO pin 16 and 24 are connected on the same bus. 16 will be replaced by SARADC_CH1.
  • GPIO pin 36 is an open drain pin. Works fine for input but need pull up for output.
  • Fan's PWM generator is occupied by VDDCPU_B. Preferably an unused PWM pin should go there. Otherwise gpio-fan will be used in device tree.
  • Green LED might be too bright
1.1 Major changes:
  • Fix microSD card clearance.
  • Pin 16 is now connected to GPIOZ_8.
  • Pin 22 is now connected to GPIOZ_9.
  • Pin 36 is now pulled up.
  • Fan is now connected to GPIOAO_11 (PWMAO_A).
  • Relocated fan header, and switched to a smaller CSI connector.
  • Update CSI, DSI pin definition.
  • Switch wireless module from AP6256 to AW-CM256SM, which requires different firmware. Distro developers are recommended to include firmwares for both modules.
1.2 Major changes:
  • Add I2S data pin on pin 31 and 36