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Radxa Zero


This is the Wiki page for Radxa Zero, written by Radxa Team with community contributions.

Radxa Zero is an ultra thin SBC in small form factor with powerful performance based on Amlogic S905Y2. It can run Android and selected Linux distributions.

Radxa Zero features a quad core 64-bit ARM processor, up to 4GB 32bit LPDDR4 memory, HDMI output at 4K@60, WiFi and BT connectivity, USB 3.0, and 40-pin GPIO header. Additionally, the power port can also be used for USB 2.0 OTG to connect more peripheral.

Radxa Zero comes in multiple configurations to suit your need. Please check Models & SKU for detail.


Installing an operating system on your Zero. Linux can boot from micro SD or eMMC module. Android can only be installed on eMMC.

Technical specifications about the Radxa Zero hardware, including components datasheet, schematic, etc.

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Fundamental Linux usage for beginners and advanced use cases for power users.

Fundamental Android usage for beginners and more advanced information for power users.