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There are two models of ROCK 3, model A and model B. Model A is a stripped down version of model B in smaller size and less features. Model A comes in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB ram and Model B come in 4GB, 8GB ram.

  • U variant: USB signal on GPIO PIN 25&27 instead of I2C
Model SKU RAM GPIO 25&27 Note
ROCK 3A 2GB RS117-D2 2GB I2C 🔴
ROCK 3A 2GB with USB export RS117-D2U 2GB USB 🔴
ROCK 3A 4GB RS117-D4 4GB I2C 🟠
ROCK 3A 4GB with USB export RS117-D4U 4GB USB 🟠
ROCK 3A 8GB RS117-D8 8GB I2C 🟡
ROCK 3A 8GB with USB export RS117-D8U 8GB USB 🟡
ROCK 3B 4GB RS118-D4 4GB I2C 🟢
ROCK 3B 8GB RS118-D8 8GB I2C ⚫️