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Wireless RAM eMMC SKU
Yes(WiFi5/BT5) 1G - RM116-D1E0W2
8G RM116-D1E8W2
16G RM116-D1E16W2
32G RM116-D1E32W2
2G - RM116-D2E0W2
8G RM116-D2E8W2
16G RM116-D2E16W2
32G RM116-D2E32W2
4G - RM116-D4E0W2
8G RM116-D4E8W2
16G RM116-D4E16W2
32G RM116-D4E32W2
64G RM116-D4E64W2
128G RM116-D4E128W2
8G - RM116-D8E0W2
8G RM116-D8E8W2
16G RM116-D8E16W2
32G RM116-D8E32W2
64G RM116-D8E64W2
128G RM116-D8E128W2
Wireless RAM eMMC SKU
No 1G - RM116-D1E0W0
8G RM116-D1E8W0
16G RM116-D1E16W0
32G RM116-D1E32W0
2G - RM116-D2E0W0
8G RM116-D2E8W0
16G RM116-D2E16W0
32G RM116-D2E32W0
4G - RM116-D4E0W0
8G RM116-D4E8W0
16G RM116-D4E16W0
32G RM116-D4E32W0
64G RM116-D4E64W0
128G RM116-D4E128W0
8G - RM116-D8E0W0
8G RM116-D8E8W0
16G RM116-D8E16W0
32G RM116-D8E32W0
64G RM116-D8E64W0
128G RM116-D8E128W0

Note: SKU in bold are common SKUs, no MoQ required.