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Radxa Rock support USB host and USB otg(can be used as device or host). This page describes using USB on RR.


USB host

Ths usb host support U-disk, mouse and keyboard etc. Just plug and play. U-disk or USB hard drive is mounted automatically. You can view the content with ES explorer shipped in stock firmware. Go to local storage in ES to open it.

USB otg

With otg port on RR, you can connect the board to your PC. To enable this feature, you need go to Settings->USB adn select "Connect to PC". RR can be connected to PC in three modes:

  • Mass storage mode
  • Media device (MTP) mode
  • Camera (PTP) mode

Note: If you enabled the usb debugging, you may need to cancel it if you have problem with. Go to Settings->Developer options and cancel "USB debugging".

  • Disable USB debugging , The MTP, PTP and mass storage mode can work on Windows without any driver.
  • Enable USB debugging, The MTP and PTP storage mode are disabled by usb debugging mode. Only Mass storage mode can work on Windows