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Rock/Getting Started

Before you start

Before you start, you need to know what hardware revision your board is. The hardware revision is printed in the center on the top side of the board. There maybe a slightly difference in instructions on different hardware revisions. Usually there is no difference in the instructions, but if there is, we will note it.

radxa rock vs. radxa rock lite vs. radxa rock pro

The specification of the two versions are at the Specifications page.

Main difference is:

radxa rock pro(Mid 2014): 2GB ram, 8GB nand flash with lvds and camera interface

radxa rock lite(Mid 2014): 1GB ram, no nand flash(use uSD card for the OS), wifi only

radxa rock(2013): 2GB ram, 8GB nand flash, wifi and BT

radxa rock lite(2013): 1GB ram, 4GB nand flash, wifi only

Accessories Required

The radxa rock package comes with the following items:

  • a radxa rock main board
  • a USB to DC power cable
  • a wifi antenna
  • Optionally you can also buy the Full Transparent Case to protect the board better

You will also need the following basic peripherals to get the RR working.

  • Power adapter with USB type A at least 5V/2A(important)
  • A TV/monitor with HDMI interface or a TV with AV out interface
  • HDMI cable or AV out cable
  • Ethernet cable or use wifi
  • USB Keyboard/Mouse or USB wireless air mouse
  • An IR remote

Better if you have the following:

  • A micro USB cable
  • A serial TTL to USB cable

When everything is hooked up it should look similar to this:


Powering on

Connect the DC to USB cable to USB power supply, plug in the cable to DC jack on board. The red led (under the power key) should now be on and there should be the radxa logo booting animation on the HDMI. After a while the green led or the blue led should turn on.

External reference