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This page introduces how to use the lvds,camera and tp accessories provided by radxa on rock pro or rock lite

What's the specs

Lvds: 7' 1024 * 600

Tp  : 7'

Camera : Ov5640 500w

Tp lvds camera 3.jpg

Where to buy

Radxa store


How to connect to Pro or Lite

We have released two lvds screen board versions. the connect methods are not the same. so please check the version first

Version 1.0

Screen v1.png


Screen v2.png

Connect the wire like the pics below

For version 1.0

Step 1:

Tp lvds camera.jpg

Step 2:

Tp lvds camera 2.jpg

For version 2.0

Step 1:


Step 2:


Step 3:


Step 4:


Flash the image for LVDS

Note:the sdk is for box and don't support display on hdmi and lvds at the same time. so if you want use the lcd, you show flash the image for lvds. you can download here.

For android. download here

For ubuntu: download

About how to flash the image,please refer to