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Support list

Below is the list of the USB cameras supported by Radxa Rock stock Android firmware.

  • Logitech C110/C210/C270
  • madsn MD-903
  • teclast L200
  • bluelover T998
  • gsou B18/D30/D50


On rock pro/lite, there is CSI camera interfaces, the rock pro/lite default kernel supports OV5640 and OV2659 sensors. Most sensors of this two model on the market are compatible with rock pro/lite on hardware. Note, the kernel should be newer than July, 25th. Check this commit.

Kernel driver supports resolution 800*600, NV16, YUV422P and YUYV formats.

Read image with ffmpeg from command line .

 ffmpeg -f video4linux2 -s 800*600 -r 20 -i /dev/video0 test.mp4

Program with V4L2 library examples.

 NV16 format read and display example.
 # gcc -o cap_img_nv16 cap_img_nv16.c
 # ./cap_img_nv16 -d /dev/videoX  //your camera device
 YUV422P format read and display example.
 # gcc -o cap_img_yuv422p cap_img_yuv422p.c
 # ./cap_img_yuv422p -d /dev/videoX  //your camera device
 YUYV format read and display example.
 # gcc -o cap_img_yuyv cap_img_yuyv.c
 # ./cap_img_yuyv -d /dev/videoX  //your camera device