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Rock Pi S supports adb function.

One USB Type-C charging data cable can meet both power supply and adb requirement.

Here we use Type-C to Type-A USB cable with one port connected to the Type-C socket of ROCK Pi S, and the other port connected to the Type-A socket of the PC.

Hardware support

Support hardware platform:

  • ROCK Pi S V11
  • ROCK Pi S V12

You'd better follow the installation steps.



Refer Windows ADB


Refer Linux ADB

ADB Usage

When you have adb driver installed on PC, below are some common used adb commands:

Check adb devices

 $ adb devices
 List of devices attached 
 0123456789ABCDEF	device


 $ adb shell

And type /bin/bash followed by Enter key to switch to bash shell.

 $ adb shell
 # /bin/bash

Transmit files from PC to ROCK Pi S

 $ adb push <local path> <remote path>


On PC, input the following in Terminal

 $ adb push /tmp/ /home/rock
 0 KB/s (26 bytes in 0.045s)

Check on ROCK Pi S

 root@rockpis:/home/rock# cat 
 How do you do! ROCK Pi S!

Transmit files from ROCK Pi S to PC

 $ adb pull <remote path> <local path>


 $ adb pull /home/rock/ /tmp/
 0 KB/s (19 bytes in 0.086s)
 $ cat /tmp/ 
 How do you do! PC!



If adb device is not detected on host PC, try to ssh or use serial console first and try the following:

Firstly, update rockchip-overlay and kernel packages.

 $ sudo apt-get install -y rockchip-overlay # >= 2.2
 $ sudo apt-get install -y linux-4.4-rockpis # >= 4.4.143-34-rockchip

Secondly, install rockchip-adb package.

 $ sudo apt-get install -y rockchip-adb # >= 0.3

Finally, start rockchip service

 $ sudo systemctl start rockchip-adb

Usage of rockchi-adb service

Start rockchip-adb service

 $ sudo systemctl start rockchip-adb

Stop rockchip-adb service

 $ sudo systemctl stop rockchip-adb

Reload rockchip-adb service

 $ sudo systemctl reload rockchip-adb
 $ sudo systemctl restart rockchip-adb

If you still have issue with adb, start a new post on the forum.