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About this wiki

Radxa wiki is the place gathering info, guides and tutorial of Radxa products. The wiki is open to register and maintained by the community and Radxa team. Feel free to add/edit radxa product's related info on the wiki page. Most of the pages can be edited without permission, some pages the team think important are protected.

How to edit

  1. You must create an account to edit, check the top menu Edit -> Personal -> Create account. After log in, you can edit the wiki page.
  2. For the wiki syntax, please refer wiki fomatting
  3. Always preview your edit bebfore save

Special templates

1. Nav Bar

Each product has its own nav bar for the user to find the content easier. To add that, include the following at the first line of the page:


The content of rockpi4_header template is as below:

<div class="col-md-12">
<div class="col-sm-12">
      <ul class="nav nav-pills nav-tabs-lighter">
        <li>[[rockpi4| Main]]</li>
        <li>[[rockpi4/getting_started | Getting Started]]</li>
        <li>[[rockpi4/hardware | Hardware]]</li>
        <li>[[rockpi4/downloads | Downloads]]</li>
        <li>[[rockpi4/FAQs | FAQs]]</li>

It looks like below:

You can also add the nav bar for other language by adding a new template, Template:Rockpi4_header_es and Template:Rockpi4_header_zh_cn is an example.

2. Multiple Language

The wiki supports multiple language by using the language template. If you want to add your language, edit language template first. It's content as below:

Add your language code as above and save the template.

Each page with multiple language support must include the template at the second line, next to the Nav Bar. The page name must be passed to the template after the | sign, example of the rockpi4 page. Example of the getting started page:


It will looks like this:

Then click the language button to create the page for corresponding language.


Links in translation page must include the language code, example below:

In English version, link to getting started page is [[Rockpi4/getting_started]], for the Simplified Chinese version, the link should be changed to  [[Rockpi4/getting_started/zh_cn]].


  • Germany content page url always ends with de_DE
  • Simplified Chinese content page url always ends with zh_cn
  • Spanish content page url always ends with es_es

3. Breadcrumb

If the page depth is deeper than 2, a breadcrumb should be added to the beginning of the page for the user to go back to the upper level page.

    [[rockpi4 | ROCK Pi 4]] > [[rockpi4/install | Install]] > [[rockpi4/install/eMMC | Install on eMMC module]]

It looks like this:

    ROCK Pi 4 >  Install >  Install on eMMC module

Community Contributions

  • HANLLEL translated the Spanish page.
  • Beachtier translated the Germany page.