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Rock/Serial debug tools Setting

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This page describe how to set up and debug the radxa rock board via serial console.


Connect the cable

Board    TTL2USB Cable
RX    ->  Green
TX    ->  White
GND   ->  Black
     Warning: Don't connect the RED one, it will damage the board. I suggest cut the RED line off. 

Serial cable use.jpg

Set up on the PC


Here we use putty as an example to show us how to set the serial debug tools.

Double click the Putty.exe, you will see the interface like:

Serial debug 0.png

Select the Serial, Fill the Serial line with the right serial port,and the Speed with 115200

Serial debug 2.png

You can get the serial port here:

Serial debug 1.png

Finish setting , Click Open the putty will work

Serial debug 3.png


For connecting UART/Serial console on Linux, the picocom utility is very handy to use in a Terminal session. You can also use PuTTY for this purpose.


If you are using Ubuntu, you need to add the current user into group dialout, then close your session and relogin to make changes effective immediately:

 sudo adduser $USER dialout

Install picocom:

 sudo apt-get install picocom

Open connection to serial line, using 115200 bauds:

 picocom /dev/ttyUSB0 -b 115200 -e w

Note: Escape character is set to 'w', you have to press Ctrl-w Ctrl-x to quit.


Here we still use PuTTY as an example. when start PuTTY firstly you will see this interface:

Serial debug linux 0.png

Select the Serial, Fill the Serial line with the right serial port,and the Speed with 115200

Serial debug linux 1.png

How to get the serial port .First cat /proc/tty/drivers, to make sure is there driver support(radxa board is connected with pc via USB so the device name should be usbserial)

Serial debug linux 2.png

Here we find the line

usbserial            /dev/ttyUSB   188 0-253 serial  

which tell us the driver is ok, then cd /dev/ to confirm whether is there device named ttyUSB* . you can unplug and then plug the usb to get the right device.

Serial debug linux 3.png

Finish setting, Click Open the putty will work!

Serial debug linux 4.png


1、Under Ubuntu If you got the following error – “Unable to open connection to: Unable to open serial port“. To fix it, add the current user to the “dialout” user group , logout and login to take effect, detail: 

Mac OS X

  1. You need to buy a USB to TTL Serial Cable and install the PL2303 Mac OS X Driver from Prolific Technology.
    You will have to reboot after installing the drivers.
  2. Connect Black line on GND, White line on TX and Green line on RX.
  3. Use Homebrew package manager to install picocom, then use picocom to dialog with Debug UART/Serial Console.
   brew install picocom
   picocom /dev/tty.usbserial -b 115200 -e w

Note: Type Ctrl-w Ctrl-x to exit session.