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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is behind the Radxa project.

Radxa is a startup company by Tom Cubie and his friends based in Shenzhen, China.

Features and Specifications

How to get access to the private git server.?

you can download the git repo here: no account is needed.
Decompress and run git checkout . to get the source files

OTG cable and power supply

Standard micro USB OTG cable would be OK. 5V/2A power supply is suggested.

What's the user and password in Lubuntu

The below also applies to Ubuntu Server.

There are two users default in Lubuntu:root and rock. the user and password as bellow

user password
rock    rock
root    root

If the image is built by yourself, the default user is linaro

user password
linaro linaro

What is the WiFi module chip and can it operate as an Access Point?

The WiFi module is a RTL8723au and at the moment there is not much information regarding this module available on the internet but you can use it as an Access Point. You can view the specification for the module here: RTL8723 module specification. and the driver can be found here:
Some Radxa Rock boards come with a RTL8188ETV, the driver for this module can be found here:

What is the size of the board?

The size is 10x8cm (4"x3.1"), about 1.2cm (0.5") tall.

Are both audio in and out on the 80 pin?

Audio in is on the 80 pin headers and audio out is on the HDMI, S/PDIF and AV jack.
There is also an integrated microphone on the PCB.

What video and audio formats does the Radxa Rock support?

You can view the full supported audio and video format here:

Radxa Rock has Audio S/PDIF out, optical. Is it sound 5.1 (7.1)?

From the rk3188 manual, the spdif feature is:
Audio resolution: 16bits/20bits/24bits
Software configurable sample rates (48KHz, 44.1KHz, 32KHz)
Stereo voice replay with 2 channels
so it's not 5.1 audio.

What battery does the Radxa Rock need for the RTC (Real-Time Clock)?

The model of the RTC battery is CR1220 and it's 3V.

Why does Android keeps crashing and rebooting while in some apps(Gmail,benchmark antutu)or restart repeatedly

The problem is the power supply being used with the Rock. Radxa should be powered by DC (5V/2A). Make sure you have the proper voltage and amperage power supply.

How to back to Android from Ubuntu (dual-boot system)

there is a item "b2Android" in the left bottom corner, click it to android.

There is no free space on board when i try to install some software with apt-get

Run `resize2fs /dev/block/mtd/by-name/linuxroot`

How to install Chinese input methods (如何在linux下安装中文输入法)

How to get 1080p Full HD on android

How to change Ubuntu/Debian MAC address
./rkflashtool p > parameter.txt
# edit parameter.txt
./rkflashtool P < parameter.txt