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Build custom LineageOS image

Prerequisite: You will need a Linux (preferably Ubuntu 20.04) machine with at least 16GB of RAM, at least 100GB of disk space (SSD), and at least 4 CPU threads.

Additionally you will need a lot of time. The whole process could take days to finish depending on your hardware.

Build Android TV flavor

You can then follow any generic LineageOS build guide like this. However there are a few things specific to Radxa Zero:

1. Choose lineage-18.1 branch.

2. After running repo sync, edit .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml and add the following line before </manifest>:

<project depth="1" name="TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_amlogic" path="vendor/amlogic" />

Then run repo sync again.

3. Run source build/

4. Run breakfast radxa0 instead of breakfast I01WD.

5. No need to run

6. You will need to build the bootloader with the following commands:

git clone ~/deadpool_u-boot_build
cd ~/deadpool_u-boot_build
cp uboot-bins/u-boot.bin ~/android/lineage/device/radxa/radxa0/factory

7. Run croot.

8. Run m aml_upgrade back inside LineageOS instead of brunch I01WD.

This will get you an Android TV build of LineageOS 18.1, located at out/target/product/radxa0/aml_upgrade_package.img. You can flash it with aml-flash-tool.

Build standard Android

To build normal Android, please change the content of device/radxa/radxa0/ to match this gist, and change this line from device/amlogic/g12-common/

BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE := androidboot.dtbo_idx=0 androidboot.boot_devices=ffe07000.emmc otg_device=1

to this:

BOARD_KERNEL_CMDLINE := androidboot.dtbo_idx=0 androidboot.boot_devices=ffe07000.emmc otg_device=1 androidboot.selinux=permissive

If you already built the Android TV image, you only need to run breakfast lineage_radxa0, croot and m aml_upgrade to generate the image in the same output location.

Need help?

For more details and discussion, please visit our forum thread.