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    ROCK Pi S >  S Core >  Shajin EVB

Evaluation Carrier Board1: Shajin



Model Shajin
Power supply DC 12V adapter or
USB Type-C adapter
Storage media eMMC / SD Nand / TF card
Ethernet 100M Bit Ethernet
Key Reset key x1
Maskrom key x1
ADC Key x1
LORA Module optional Lora module
BLE Module optional BT LE, BT mesh, Thread, Zigbee, 802.15.4 module
MIC Array Support 4 Mic array board
RS232 x1
RS485 x1
RTC x1
Touch Screen 5.0 inch capacitive touch LCD, 800 * 480 resolution
USB USB 2.0 Type-A Host x2
USB 3.0 Type-C OTG x1


Shajin Hardware Revisions


The first version of Shajin Carrier Board.

Getting Started

Essential Things

  • ROCK Pi S Core and Shajin board
  • One of the Storage media below:
    • MicroSD card, larger than 8GB.
    • SD Nand
    • eMMC
  • One of the power supply methods
    • DC 12V Adapter
    • PC/Laptop which has USB ports
      • Shajin can be powered from the PC/Laptop USB ports directly
  • USB Type-C to Type-A cable
    • For both power and USB communication(adb/fastboot) with HOST PC.

Get System Image

Shajin Debian Buster

Flash System Image

There are three kinds of storage media used as system storage. They are TF card, eMMC and SD Nand.

And choose one way to flash system image.

Access from the Host PC/Laptop

Option 1: ADB

Check Using adb.

Option 2: Serial Console

Shajin Buster system uses ttyS3 as serial console. And the baud rate of serial console is 115200(8N1).

Soc RK3308 Uart3 pins are directly layout to "UART to RS485 IC" or "UART to RS232 IC".

To use serial console, you need to select which way to go, RS485 port or RS232 port.

When using RS485 port, the wire connection is shown as below.

Shajin Board <---> USB to RS485 Board
RS485_A <---> A
RS485_B <---> B

When using RS232 port, the wire connection is shown as below.

Shajin Board <---> USB to RS232 Board
RS232_RX <---> RS232_TX
RS232_TX <---> RS232_RX
GND <---> GND

As for the serial tool setting, check Serial Console.


There is one Power LED on ROCK Pi S Core board. It is always on when the board is given power.