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This page describe how to download and install the rkupdate image on an eMMC module and boot on ROCK Pi N10. You need at least the following.

  • The EMMC module has been welded to the Rock PI N10, which is in this position

Rockpi N10 EMMC module.jpg

  • an USB Male A to USB Male A cable


  • a PC/laptop running Windows or Linux or MacOS

You also need the following to run on ROCK Pi N10

  • ROCK Pi N10 board with power supply
  • HDMI cable for display
  • USB keyboard and mouse for input

Boot To Maskrom Mode

To boot ROCK Pi N10 into maskrom mode is simple since we have the maskrom key on board.

  • Power off the board and remove any bootable storage media such as microSD card. If you have bootloader in SPI flash, you need to shortcut SPI flash first as picture below. Or you can erase SPI flash at first.

Rockpin10 spi shortcut.jpeg(click to view large image)

  • Plug the USB Male A to Mail A cable to ROCK Pi N10 OTG port(the front USB3 port), the other side to PC

Rockpin10 usb install.jpeg(click to view large image)

  • Power on the board
  • Press and hold the maskrom key, short press the reset key

Rockpin10 maskrom key.jpeg(click to view large image)

  • Release the maskrom key

Now on your Linux PC, lsusb command show show the following usb devices

   Bus 003 Device 005: ID 2207:330c

Or open device manager in your Windows PC, and the following devices will be displayed
Device Manager maskromUSBDevice.PNG(click to view large image)

It means the device is in maskrom mode now.

Flash Image

Linux user follow here:

1. Use upgrade_tool on Linux. Configuration upgrade_tool.

    radxa$ upgrade_tool uf update.img

Windows user follow here:

1. Use AndroidTool on Windows. Using AndroidTool.