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This page describes how to download and install the rkupdate image by AndroidTool. You need at least the following.

Install driver on PC

There are two methods of installing drivers on PC. One is (a)using RKDriverAssistant tools - the easy way. The other is (b) install manually.

If you have already installed the USB driver please skip this step.

a. Install using RK Driver Assistant tools

Note:The software has been updated to support win10.

There’s no need to connect your Rockchip device during this procedure just download and extract
Then double click on DriverInstall.exe in the RKDriverAssistant directory to start the utility.If you've previously tried to install
the Rockchip USB drivers for any Rockchip devices make sure you click “Uninstall Driver” first.

RK Driver Assistant Install Uninstall.jpg

Then click “Install Driver” and when the driver has finish installing then shut down Rockpi and connect
the Rockpi to your computer and let the board go to Maskrom mode, then your computer will detect the board and you will see it within device manager.

RK Driver Assistant Install Usb driver.png

Now the driver should have been installed successfully!

b. Install Manually

Download driver file first. For WinXp,Vista,Win7,Download the file ( from here . For Win8 Download the file( from here. shut down the Rockpi then connect the Rockpi to the computer and let the board go to Maskrom mode. After your computer should detect the board and you will see an unknown device within device manager.

Flash image 1.jpg

Select the Unknown device then right click and select "Update Driver Software".

Flash image 2.jpg

Select "Browse the computer for driver software".

Flash image 2.5.jpg

Find the file unzipped file you downloaded earlier ( and select either the 32/64bit folder then click "OK" to install.

Flash image 3.jpg

When the driver is installed successful you will then see a Rockusb Device in the device manager window.

Flash image 6.jpg

Now the driver is installed successfully.

Flash Image

Download the tool first AndroidTool

Flash the whole firmware

Boot the board into Maskrom mode.

You can see "Found One MASKROM device" at the bottom of the tool.

Download firmware1.PNG

Then select an image (rockdev/update.img). After that, click "Upgrade".

Download firmware2.PNG