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There are three models of ROCK 3, model A and model B. Model A is a stripped down version of model B in smaller size and less features. The differences are:

Model A vs. Model B

Model RAM Ethernet WiFi/BT eDP LVDS Cellular 4G/5G Heatsink Size
ROCK 3 Model A 2GB, 4GB or 8GB 1x GbE N/A, via M.2 N/A N/A N/A Small attach to CPU, with fan 85 * 56 mm
ROCK 3 Model B 4GB or 8GB 2x GbE WiFi 6/BT 5 Support Support Support Big with mount, with fan 100 * 75 mm

Change lists

Model A


- First public version, only few are made, some early developers receive samples


Changes based on v1.1 with community suggestions:

  • Add a USB hub for M.2 E Key USB for BT
  • Add a PWM fan connector
  • Add silkscreen for eMMC module
  • Change M.2 E key mounting to standard M.2 screw
  • Rotate the logo to align with the CPU silkscreen and WiFi cards


Changes based on v1.2 with manufacturing improvement:

  • change resistor 240R footprint from 0402 to 0201
  • change capacitor 2.2uF, 22uF footprint from 0805 to 0603
  • headphone jack footprint improvement
  • Q3 MOS WNM2021-3/TR SOT-323 change to triode 3904 SOT23-3

Model B