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SoC RK3568 is equipped with 0.8TOPS NPU. This tutorial shows how to make the NPU run on ROCK 3 A, and provides an example and test results.

Hardware supported

  • ROCK 3 A
  • Radxa CM3 IO Board
  • Radxa E23

Now follow me to make the NPU run.

Setup steps

Step 1: Get system image

You can get system image from ROCK 3 A System images.

Here we are concerned about the kernel version. Make sure that kernel is at least 4.19.193-17-rockchip.

root@rock-3-a:/home/rock# uname -a
Linux rock-3-a 4.19.193-17-rockchip-ga4e78ea509f7 #rockchip SMP Fri Nov 19 16:59:52 CST 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux

If not, try to upgrade the kernel via the following commands.

Uncomment "deb buster main" in file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/apt-radxa-com.list. Here I use debian buster image. So its content is

deb buster main
deb buster main

If you use ubuntu focal image, It should be like this

deb focal main
deb focal main

After saving that file, now we install the latest kernel packages.

root@rock-3-a:/home/rock# apt update
root@rock-3-a:/home/rock# apt install -y linux-4.19-rock-3-latest

Then reboot the device. Use command 'uname -a' to check the kernel verison again.

Step 2: Get RKNN2 SSD DEMO

Install 7z and curl tools.

root@rock-3-a:/home/rock# apt update
root@rock-3-a:/home/rock# apt install -y p7zip-full curl

Get rknn2_ssd_demo_Linux.7z package, check the md5 of file. It should be 3855ac87205e5d11b9484441b983fcd7. And extract it.

root@rock-3-a:/home/rock# curl > rknn2_ssd_demo_Linux.7z
root@rock-3-a:/home/rock# md5sum rknn2_ssd_demo_Linux.7z 
3855ac87205e5d11b9484441b983fcd7  rknn2_ssd_demo_Linux.7z
root@rock-3-a:/home/rock# 7z x rknn2_ssd_demo_Linux.7z

Thanks to zhongdechan, he provided the rknn2_ssd_demo_Linux.7z.


These are test commands and result.

root@rock-3-a:/home/rock# cd rknn2_ssd_demo_Linux
root@rock-3-a:/home/rock/rknn2_ssd_demo_Linux# ./rknn_ssd_demo model/ssd_inception_v2.rknn model/road.bmp
Loading model ...
rknn_init ...
I RKNN: set log level to 0
model input num: 1, output num: 2
input tensors:
index=0 name=Preprocessor/sub:0 n_dims=4 dims=[1 300 300 3] n_elems=270000 size=270000 fmt=0 type=3 qnt_type=2 fl=0 zp=0 scale=0.007812
output tensors:
index=0 name=concat:0 n_dims=4 dims=[1 1917 1 4] n_elems=7668 size=30672 fmt=0 type=0 qnt_type=2 fl=0 zp=53 scale=0.089455
index=1 name=concat_1:0 n_dims=4 dims=[1 1917 91 1] n_elems=174447 size=697788 fmt=0 type=0 qnt_type=2 fl=0 zp=53 scale=0.143593
ssd - loadLabelName ./model/coco_labels_list.txt
person @ (13 125 59 212) 0.984696
person @ (110 119 152 197) 0.969119
bicycle @ (171 165 278 234) 0.969119
person @ (206 113 256 216) 0.964519
car @ (146 133 216 170) 0.959264
person @ (49 133 58 156) 0.606060
person @ (83 134 92 158) 0.606060
person @ (96 135 106 162) 0.464163

You would also get the output image, out.jpg, under /home/rock/rknn2_ssd_demo_Linux directory.



Check ROCK 3 FAQs first, if it doesn't help, start a new post on the forum