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Radxa CM3 SODIMM(CM3S for short) is an SoM(System on Module) by Radxa based on Rockchip RK3566 SoC in a small form factor at 32mm x 67.6mm size, integrating CPU/PMU/DRAM/STORAGE/Wireless. Radxa CM3S offers out of box cost-effective solution for multiple purpose applications, accelerates customer's product development. Radxa CM3 and CM3S share most of the design but layout in different form factor, the software can just work on CM3 and CM3S without modifications.



Carrier Boards from third party

The following carrier boards are tested and compatible with the Radxa CM3 SODIMM.

Picture Name Info
Waveshare compute module poe board.jpg Waveshare Compute Module PoE Board Waveshare Wiki