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Zero/install/eMMC erase

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    Radxa Zero >  Installation >  Erase eMMC

How to erase eMMC

This guide describes how to erase Radxa Zero's eMMC.


  • Radxa Zero
  • A PC/laptop running Windows, Linux, or macOS
  • USB A to C cable or C to C cable, depending on your host


First, follow maskrom guide to setup and load factory-loader.img:


You can then click Erase button to erase the eMMC.


Linux & macOS

First, follow maskrom guide to setup and load rz-fastboot-loader.bin.

You are now booted into fastboot mode. Check it by running lsusb:

   Bus 001 Device 051: ID 18d1:0d02 Google Inc. Celkon A88

Now execute the following commands to wipe eMMC:


fastboot erase 0
fastboot reboot


sudo fastboot erase 0
sudo fastboot reboot

For more detailed guide on wiping eMMC, please refer to Boot Troubleshooting page.