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 Radxa Zero >  Hardware >  Models and SKU
  • H for with gpio header
  • T for external antenna
SKU RAM eMMC WiFi/BT GPIO Header Antenna Note
D0H 512MB - AP6212 Yes on board
D1H 1GB - AP6212 Yes on board
D2E8H 2GB 8GB AP6256 Yes on board
D2E8T 2GB 8GB AP6256 No external
D4E16H 2GB 16GB AP6256 Yes on board
D4E16T 4GB 16GB AP6256 No external
D4E32H 4GB 32GB AP6256 Yes on board
D4E32T 4GB 32GB AP6256 No external
D4E64H 4GB 64GB AP6256 Yes on board
D4E64T 4GB 64GB AP6256 No external
D4E128H 4GB 128GB AP6256 Yes on board
D4E128T 4GB 128GB AP6256 No external