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ROCK Pi X has been discontinued

Due to part shortage, we have unfortunately discontinued ROCK Pi X in 2022.

We hope to see you soon with our next x86 device.

Below is the original content of the page.

X is for X86.

This is the documentation for ROCK Pi X, written by Radxa Team with community contributions.

ROCK Pi X is the first X86 SBC(Single Board Computer) by Radxa. It can run Windows and Linux distributions. The ROCK Pi X is started after the Radxa team get a lot of inquiries from the users if the ROCK Pi 4 can run Windows.

ROCK Pi X features an Intel Cherry Trail quad core processor Z8350, 64bit dual channel 1866Mb/s LPDDR3, up to 4K@30 HDMI, 3.5mm jack with mic, 802.11 ac WIFI, BT 4.2, USB Port, GbE LAN, 40-pin color expansion header, RTC. Also, ROCK Pi X supports USB PD and QC powering.

ROCK Pi X comes in two models, Model A and Model B, each model has 1GB, 2GB or 4GB ram options. for detailed difference of Model A and Model B, please check Specifications.

Rockpi X.png


Installing an operating system on your ROCK PI X, including microSD card, eMMC module, USB drive, etc.

Information about Linux development

> More...

Technical specifications about the ROCK Pi X hardware, including WI-FI module, LCD module, etc.

> More...

Fundamental Linux usage for beginners and more advanced information for power users.

  • Answers to frequently asked technical questions
  • Answers to sale of ROCK Pi X