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There are two models of ROCK Pi 4, model A and model B. Model A is a stripped down version of model B. The differences are:

  • Model A doesn't have wifi/bt model(ap6256)
  • the RJ45 connector on model A doesn't support PoE
  • Model A doesn't have the 4Pin PoE header

Change lists


This is the first MP version, the key features are:

  • User type C for power, adds QC&PD trigger IC
  • LPDDR4 for 1/2/4GB ram
  • Use odroid compatible eMMC socket as storage
  • On board wifi antenna


V1.4 is a slightly updates based on the V1.3, solves the issues reported by users. The schematic is the same as V1.3.

  • Changes the USB3 OTG label to simple L/H for Host/Device
  • Add external wifi antenna option, not soldered by default
  • Change the headphone footprint to through hole leg one
  • Change user status LED from red to blue(blinking red led is confusing for some user)
  • A 4MB(32Mbit) SPI flash is pasted by default, for future SPI booting support