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ADB is enabled in ROCK Pi 4 all Android version and official Linux distributions. To access ADB, you need a USB male A to A cable(Upper USB3 port) and turn the USB OTG switch to Device mode.

You'd better follow the installation steps.



Refer Windows ADB


Refer Linux ADB

ADB Usage

When you have adb driver installed on PC, below are some common used adb commands:

Check adb devices

 $ adb devices
 List of devices attached 
 0123456789ABCDEF	device


 $ adb shell

And type /bin/bash followed by Enter key to switch to bash shell.

 $ adb shell
 # /bin/bash

Transmit files from PC to ROCK Pi 4

 $ adb push <local path> <remote path>


On PC, input the following in Terminal

 $ adb push /tmp/ /home/rock
 0 KB/s (26 bytes in 0.045s)

Check on ROCK Pi 4

 root@rockpi4:/home/rock# cat 
 How do you do! ROCK Pi 4!

Transmit files from ROCK Pi 4 to PC

 $ adb pull <remote path> <local path>


 $ adb pull /home/rock/ /tmp/
 0 KB/s (19 bytes in 0.086s)
 $ cat /tmp/ 
 How do you do! PC!



If adb device is not detected on host PC, try to use serial console first and try the following:

Firstly, update rockchip-overlay and kernel packages.

 $ sudo apt-get install -y rockchip-overlay # >= 2.8
 $ sudo apt-get install -y linux-4.4-rock-pi-4-latest # >= 4.4.154-115-rockchip

Secondly, install rockchip-adbd package.

 $ sudo apt-get install -y rockchip-adbd # >= 0.3

Finally, start rockchip service

 $ sudo systemctl start rockchip-adbd

Usage of rockchip-adbd service

Start rockchip-adbd service

 $ sudo systemctl start rockchip-adbd

Stop rockchip-adbd service

 $ sudo systemctl stop rockchip-adbd

Reload rockchip-adbd service

 $ sudo systemctl reload rockchip-adbd
 $ sudo systemctl restart rockchip-adbd

If you still have issue with adb, start a new post on the forum.