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Work with ROCKPI 4 Ubuntu Server

Introduction to ROCKPI 4 Ubuntu

The Ubuntu server image for ROCK Pi 4 target for minimal, fast and customization.




  • Add radxa apt repository in the release image
  • Rockchip hardware overylay are now managed by deb package
  • New DRM hotplug management script fix screen resolution change issue
  • Kernel version updated to linux-4.4.154-59-rockchip-g5e70f14
    • Kernel modules support AppArmor, Docker, WireGuard and UFW
    • Support USB gadget network, see USB Net
    • Support TP-Link UE300 ethernet adapter
    • A lot of kernel features are enabled as modules
  • Uboot version updated to 2017.09-02085-g5a6aeld
    • Support kernel boot menu selection(serial console only)
    • Support device tree directory boot
    • Support manually flash uboot in running system
  • Fix ethernet is not managed by Network Manager issue
  • Kernel package installation automatically adds to the boot menu