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Install the image to microSD

This guide describes how to write images to microSD and erase microSD card for ROCK 5 serial boards.

Option 1: Write image to microSD

In part one let's focus on writing one system image to microSD. Here we test it with ROCK 5B board.

Step one: Requirements

  • ROCK 5B board with power supply
  • a microSD card, larger than 8GB, class 10 or better
  • a microSD card reader, either a USB card reader or the SD card reader on laptop
  • a PC/laptop running Windows or Linux or MacOS

Step two: Download necessary tools and image

Here we use the following image for writing.


Step three: Write the image to microSD card

  • Insert the microSD Card into microSD Card Reader, which connects to host computer.
  • Run the application. For example double click balenaEtcher-1.7.9-x64.AppImage on Ubuntu 20.04:
  • In the etcher window, we click button Select image.


  • In the etcher window, we click button Select Drive.


  • In the etcher window, we click button Flash.


  • In the etcher window, it shows us Flash Complete!


Done! Now you have successfully installed the OS image on microSD card.

Option 2: Erase microSD

When microSD is written with Android (or Linux) images before, now we change to Linux (or Android). It's recommended that you erase microSD first. Then write the target images.

Option 3: Write bootloader only to microSD

In part three let's take a look know to write U-Boot images to microSD. We have prebuilt u-boot images built via rockchip-bsp SDK. They're idbloader.img and u-boot.itb.

On Linux PC:

$ sudo dd  if=./idbloader.img  of=/dev/sdX  seek=64
$ sudo dd  if=./u-boot.itb   of=/dev/sdX  seek=16384 

On Mac PC:

% sudo dd  if=./idbloader.img  of=/dev/diskX  seek=64
% sudo dd  if=./u-boot.itb  of=/dev/diskX  seek=16384