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    ROCK Pi X >  Install >  Install Ubuntu to ROCK Pi X (eMMC)


ROCK Pi X is X86 PC architecture, which means it can run a lot Linux distributions. This page will describe how to install Ubuntu for ROCK Pi X step by step.


  • Ubuntu ISO image - You need a copy of the Ubuntu ISO image, which can be downloaded from Make sure to download the amd64 version.
  • USB drive - We need this as the installation media
  • ROCK Pi X - It doesn't matter if the board has OS running already or not, as long as we have proper BIOS installed, we can install a new OS
  • Keyboard/mouse and HDMI monitor for ROCK Pi X - We need to operate on ROCK Pi X
  • Another PC(HOST PC) running Windows/Linux/macOS - We need to make bootable USB drive from iso on this PC

Step 1: Make a bootable USB drive from Ubuntu ISO

We use etcher to make a boot drive on Windows/Linux/macOS:

1. Download and install Etcher

2. Select your USB drive and iso image

Etcher ubuntu iso.png

3.Click Flash! and wait for complete

Step 2: Boot from USB drive

1. Plug the USB drive on ROCK Pi X, if your USB drive is USB 3.0, plug it to the ROCK Pi X USB 3.0 port is preferred.

2. Plug keyboard and HDMI monitor on ROCK Pi X

3. Power on the ROCK Pi X, keep pressing DEL on the keyboard until the BIOS screen is on HDMI

4. Go the last tab [Save & Exit] -> [Boot Override] of BIOS menu, select your USB drive and press Enter to boot.

Install ubuntu BIOS.png

Step 3: Start installation

Wait for some seconds and you see the familiar Ubuntu installation screen, now you are ready to go.

Install ubuntu boot.png

Install ubuntu interface.png