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Install the image to eMMC from USB port

ROCK 5 supports Maskrom mode, which is a special operation mode for CPU to wait for USB OTG port command. The PC tools we use to communicate with ROCK 5 in Maskrom mode are the rkdeveloptool and RKDevTool. We use the rkdeveloptool in Linux/macOS and the RKDevTool under Windows.


  • ROCK 5B
  • type-c cable
  • emmc module
  • Windows/linux/macOS PC

Install Tools&Drivers

Please check this guide, Install rockchip flash tools under Windows/Linux/MacOS PC.

Boot the board to Maskrom mode


To boot ROCK 5B to Maskrom mode is simple:

  • Power off the board.
  • Press the golden button and hold it.
  • Plug the USB-A to Type-C cable to ROCK 5B Type-C port, the other side to PC.
  • Release the golded button.
  • Check usb device
    • For macOS host: lsusb result: Bus 002 Device 032: ID 2207:350b Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd. Composite Device
    • For Linux host: lsusb result: Bus 001 Device 112: ID 2207:350b Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Company
    • For Windows host: Open RKDevTool and you would see the device is in Found One MASKROM Device.

Get RK3588 loader and system image


Write image to eMMC module

Option 1: Linux/MacOS

On your PC, run the rkdeveloptool

sudo rkdeveloptool ld
DevNo=1	Vid=0x2207,Pid=0x350b,LocationID=106	Maskrom

Download the loader (flash helper) to init the ram and prepare the flashing environment etc. If you don't have it, you can download it from here

sudo rkdeveloptool db /path/to/rk3588_spl_loader_v1.08.111.bin

Write SPI image to SPI Nor Flash on board.

You can use our pre-built files.

sudo rkdeveloptool wl 0 rock-5b-debian-bullseye-xfce4-arm64-20220919-0912-gpt.img				

Reboot the device

sudo rkdeveloptool rd

now, the device should boot on eMMC.

Option 2: Windows

  1. Run the RKDevTool.exe if you do not have this,you can download it here.RKDevTool
  2. Check whether it is in maskrom mode. The red part 2 in the figure below indicates that it has entered maskrom mode.
    Emmc down start.png
  3. Check the "write by address" option.
  4. Right-click in the blank area of the list and select Load configuration file.
    Rkdevtool package cfg.png
  5. After loading the configuration file, you need to modify the path of the file to be downloaded.
  6. Now,Click Run, if successful, you will see the download successful message in the right box.
    Emmc down finsh.png

Erase Emmc

Option 1: Linux/MacOS

Please notice that when you want to erase emmc, fire these commands. If you don't have zero.img, download this one please. zero.img And extract it.

rkdeveloptool db rk3588_spl_loader_v1.08.111.bin
rkdeveloptool wl 0 zero.img
rkdeveloptool rd

Option 2: Windows

  1. Run the RKDevTool,Choose advanced features
  2. Check whether it is in maskrom mode.The red part 2 in the figure below indicates that it has entered maskrom mode.
  3. Select the loader file and click Download,you can proceed to the next step after completion.
  4. After downloading the loader, click the emmc option in the list, then click Switch Storage
    Emmc erase start.png
  5. Now,click the Erase All button to erase emmc
    Emmc erase finsh.png