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ROCK 5 Model B doesn't come with on board WiFi/BT. Currently the following WiFi Cards are tested and supported by the ROCK 5 Model B.

NO. Model Chip WiFi BT WIFI Throughput Remark
1 ROCK Pi Wireless Module A1 (SDIO+UART) --- AP6236 BCM43436B0 2.4G 4.2 up:23.5 Mbits/sec down:40.4 Mbits/sec
2 ROCK Pi Wireless Module A2 (SDIO+UART) --- AP6256 BCM43456 2.4G&5G 5.0 up:196 Mbits/sec down: 187 Mbits/sec
3 ROCK Pi Wireless Module A3 (SDIO+UART) --- AP6398S BCM43598 2.4G&5G 5.0 up:336 Mbits/sec down: 315 Mbits/sec
4 ROCK Pi Wireless Module A6s (SDIO+UART) --- AP6275S BCM43752 2.4G&5G 5.0 up:234 Mbits/sec down: 273 Mbits/sec
5 Radxa wireless A8 RTL8852BE 2.4G&5G&WIFI6 5.0 up:600Mbits/sec down:900 Mbits/sec
6 Intel 0MHK36 (PCIE+USB) Intel 3165 2.4G&5G 4.2 up:283 Mbits/sec down: 334 Mbits/sec
7 Intel 7265NGW (PCIE+USB) Intel 7265 2.4G&5G 4.2 up:363 Mbits/sec down: 619 Mbits/sec
8 Intel AX210 (PCIE+USB) Intel AX210 WiFi 6 5.2 up: 859 Mbits/sec down: 813 Mbits/sec Just WIFI Support

Tip: When you use Radxa Wireless A8 Module, you can add some blacklist to make BT work.

root@rock-5b:~# cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf 
blacklist pgdrv
blacklist btusb
blacklist btrtl
blacklist btbcm
blacklist btintel