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Rock/dual boot

Boot process

Dual boot NAND

The pre-built dual boot image for NAND flash can be found here:

Download it and follow the rock/flash_the_image to flash it.

Dual boot with uSD card/UDisk/USB HDD

If you want to dual boot with a uSD card/UDisk/USB HDD with the following:

  1. Use the entire NAND for Android
  2. Use a uSD/UDisk/USB HDD to install Lubuntu
  3. Dual boot

Here is the steps to archive it:

  1. Download the pure android and flash it.
  2. Download the parameter for uSD card for Udisk or USB HDD and flash it to "parameter" partition.
  3. Download the latest boot-linux.img from and flash it to "recovery"(yes, recovery) partition.
  4. Download the latest rootfs from and write it to the first partition of SD card/Udisk/USB HDD.
  5. Download and install the app for android to boot from Android to linux.