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About Radxa



At Radxa, Open-Source is in Our DNA - Our company was founded by a team of passionate engineers and designers who love to create and share, and are deeply committed to the open-source community. The Radxa brand name comes from the Latin word radix, which means root - the default admin user of Unix-like systems - and symbolizes our desire to see the open-source ecosystem take root and thrive. At Radxa, we believe in the power of collaboration and community-driven development, and are dedicated to providing our users with the tools and resources they need to unleash their creativity and achieve their goals.


Our vision is to empower everyone with the power of computing, bring innovation and opportunities of computer science to more people, and make technology create a better future for humanity.


As a leader in open-source hardware and software, Radxa's mission is to provide innovative, high-quality, and reliable computer products and services to help people achieve their dreams and pursuits. We are dedicated to building an open, collaborative, and inclusive community, providing rich resources and support for our users to unleash their creativity, and driving the progress of technology and the development of society together.