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Understand SKU number

Code name X: Memory size Y: eMMC size Variant
  • H variant has soldered GPIO header and onboard antenna
  • T variant has no GPIO header or onboard antenna. An u.FL compatible external antenna is required for wireless functionality.

Available SKU

SKU RAM eMMC WiFi/BT GPIO Header Antenna Note
RS102-D0H 512MB - AP6212 Yes on board 🔴
RS102-D1H 1GB - AP6212 Yes on board 🟠
RS102-D2E8H 2GB 8GB AP6256 Yes on board 🟡
RS102-D2E8T 2GB 8GB AP6256 No external 🟡
RS102-D4E16H 4GB 16GB AP6256 Yes on board 🟢
RS102-D4E16T 4GB 16GB AP6256 No external 🟢
RS102-D4E32H 4GB 32GB AP6256 Yes on board ⚫️
RS102-D4E32T 4GB 32GB AP6256 No external ⚫️
RS102-D4E64H 4GB 64GB AP6256 Yes on board 🔵
RS102-D4E64T 4GB 64GB AP6256 No external 🔵
RS102-D4E128H 4GB 128GB AP6256 Yes on board 🟣
RS102-D4E128T 4GB 128GB AP6256 No external 🟣