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ROCK Pi S targets at IoT applications which is sometimes cost sensitive and the application is light which doesn't require much size for storage. That's why we introduce the SD NAND. SD NAND is basically NAND flash with SD controller. It has the following features:

  • Embedded, solderable SD card replacement
  • Integrated with 3.3V SD controller that compliant with SD standard, support ECC
  • Storage size: 1Gbit ~ 8Gbit
  • Support industrial temperature, -35C to +85C
  • Small footprint LGA8, 6x8x0.7mm size
  • Support SD 2.0 interface
  • SLC NAND, 100000 writing/erasing times
  • Pass NPOR test(Normal power cycle test when flash is standby)
  • Pass SPOR test(Sudden power cycle test when flash is busy)

The advantage to raw NAND flash it we don't need to manage wear leveling in File System and we can directly support GPT partition image and booting. So basically we can just dd the image to SD NAND and boot.

ROCK Pi S supports 1Gbit to 8Gbit SD NAND, checkout the SKU and models pages for more info.