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Official ROCK Pi system images can also be downloaded from ROCK Pi BaiduPan or Radxa Github Release.

For user names and passwords please check the FAQ.


Description Linux MacOS Windows
Etcher - A user friendly Image Writer Linux 64bit | Linux 32bit balenaEtcher-1.5.76.dmg balenaEtcher-Setup-1.5.76.exe

Official Images


Debian Product.

Install Wiki.

Debian Buster (10).

Update time: 2020-08-10.

Change Log.

Ubuntu logo.png

Ubuntu Product.

Install Wiki.

Ubuntu Bionic (18.04).

Update time: 2020-08-10.

Change Log.

Third Party Images


Armbian Product.

Install Wiki.

Update time: 2020-02-22.


Build 2021-05-02.


Forum discussion

Community Images

Distribution ROCK Pi S Description
Openwrt logo.png


Install Wiki.

- eth0(100M) -> LAN

- DHCP server is activated on the LAN (eth0) interface. Web-interface can be reached at

- RTL8152/3 based USB-Ethernet adapter is suggested as WAN interface.