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What OS is ROCK Pi S running?

Currently we have Debian Buster, Armbian and Slackware Linux running on ROCK Pi S.

Can I ssh to ROCK Pi S running official Debian?

Yes, you can. The ROCK Pi S is shown as rockpis.local in your local network. Check out the Using SSH page.

For ROCK Pi S Ubuntu/Debian system images, the kernel reserves a lot of RAM (about 89 MB), can I reclaim some RAM back?

Yes. The solution is to add "swiotlb=1024" to the kernel command line. It should let you reclaim 62MB of RAM. See this Radxa forum post.
Take the latest ROCK Pi S Debian system as an example, add the following line at the end of file /boot/uEnv.txt.

Where is the Radxa APT sources list?

Check file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/apt-radxa-com.list.


Where is the PoE HAT for ROCK Pi S? I can't find it anywhere

As the time of writing, the PoE HAT for ROCK Pi S is still under development. We are planning two versions of PoE HAT for the S, the standard 802.3af one and the passive PoE one.