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Display on ROCK Pi N10

This guide describes how to use display on ROCK Pi N10.

HDMI Display

Most HDMI display with USB touch works out of box.

MIPI DSI Display

Raspberry Pi 7 inch Touch Display

The official Raspberry Pi 7 inch Touch Display works on ROCK Pi N10.

Usage on Radxa official Linux system
  • About Hardware

For power supply, both 5V pin and GND pin on 5-pin connector on RPI LCD are connected to the 40-pin connector on ROCK Pi N10.


Use a 15-pin FPC cable to connect RPI LCD to ROCK Pi N10. Insert the 15-pin FPC like this:


  • About Software

Modiy /boot/uEnv.txt, enable the lcd display.

overlays=rk3399pro-console-on-uart2 rk3399pro-raspberrypi-7-inch-lcd

and then reboot your ROCKPi N10.

Now, the MIPI display work successfully.

Waveshare 3.5 inch LCD