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Official ROCK Pi system images can also be downloaded from ROCK Pi BaiduPan.

For usernames and passwords please check the FAQ.


Description Linux MacOS Windows
Etcher - A user friendly Image Writer Linux 64bit | Linux 32bit balenaEtcher-1.4.9.dmg balenaEtcher-Setup-1.4.9-x86.exe

Official Images

Distribution ROCK Pi N10 Model A ROCK Pi N10 Model B & Model C Description
Android 8.1
Android 8.1

Android Tablet Product

Android8 Install Wiki

Ubuntu logo.png
Ubuntu Bionic Server
Ubuntu Bionic Server

Ubuntu Server Product.

Install Wiki.

Ubuntu Server 18.04

Update time: 2020-03-06

Change Log

Debian 10 Buster Desktop
Debian 10 Buster Desktop

Debian Product.

Install Wiki.

Debian Stretch (10)

Update time: 2020-03-09

Change Log

Fedora logo.png
Fedora Desktop 28
Fedora Desktop 28

Fedora Desktop Product.


Default user/password: toybrick/toybrick