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    ROCK Pi N10 >  Fedora

Work with ROCK Pi N10 Fedora

Introduction to ROCK Pi N10 Fedora

RPM Packages Mangement

1. Add Rockchip Official Source:

   sudo dnf localinstall --nogpgcheck

2. Install Packages:

   sudo dnf install example-devel

3. Uninstall Packages:

   sudo dnf remove example-devel

4. Upgrade Packages:

   sudo dnf clean all
   sudo dnf update

Rockchip VPU/ISP/NPU Package


1、Install ISP Lib:

   sudo dnf install librockchip_isp

2、Compiling And linking:

   LDDFLAGS: = -lcam_engine_cifisp -lcam_ia

3、Include Header Files:

   #include <rockchip/rockchip_isp.h>


MPP Install And Compile

1、Install MPP Lib:

   sudo dnf install librockchip_mpp-devel

2、Compiling And linking:

   LDDFLAGS: = -lrockchip_mpp

3、Include Header Files:

   #include <rockchip/rockchip_mpp.h>


RGA Install And Compile

1、Install RGA Lib:

   sudo dnf install librockchip_rga-devel

2、Compiling And linking:

   LDDFLAGS: = -lrockchip_rga -ldrm

3、Include Header Files:

   extern “c” {#include <rockchip/rockchip_rga.h>}




  • U-boot version: 2017.09-2685-g26d3cbeb61
  • Kernel version: 4.4.167-5-rockchip-g1e62a6825bfc
  • System partitions: boot and rootfs
  • Default serial console: UART2
  • Default non-root user: toybrick (password: toybrick)
  • Support SSH by default.
  • Resize root filesystem to fit available disk space for the first boot