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欢迎来到ROCK Pi 4的wiki,该wiki由Radxa团队和社区共同维护。

ROCK Pi 4 是瑞莎生产的一款基于国产芯片厂家瑞芯微RK3399的单板机。它可以运行Android和Linux系统。 ROCK Pi 4拥有一个64位6核处理器,64位双通道3200Mb/s的LPDDR4内存,HDMI最高输出4K@60帧,另外还有CSI摄像头和DSI屏接口,双频ACWiFi和蓝牙5.0,四个USB接口,千兆以太网,40PIN扩展GPIO接口。ROCK Pi 4采用USB type C接口供电,支持USB PD协议和高通QC协议。

ROCK Pi 4 有两个型号,Model A和Model B,两个型号都提供1GB,2GB和4GB内存选择,两个型号详细的区别,请参考 详细规格

瑞莎团队非常自豪的讲,ROCK PI 4系列是目前性价比最高的单板机,没有之一。

Rockpi 4B v13 breadboard front.png

  • Getting started with your ROCK Pi 4, including what you need and how to get it booted.
  • Installing an operating system on your ROCK PI 4, including microSD card, eMMC module, USB drive and M.2 NVME SSD,
  • Information about Linux and Android SDK, with how to build a system image.

Remote Access

  • Accessing your ROCK Pi 4 remotely via SSH or over the web.
  • Fundamental Linux usage for beginners and more advanced information for power users.
  • Fundamental Android usage for beginners and more advanced information for power users.
  • Technical specifications about the ROCK Pi 4 hardware, including WI-FI module, LCD module, camera module, etc.
  • Blog post from Radxa Team introducing the ROCK Pi hardware design
  • Refer ROCK Pi 4 Hardware page for detailed info about ROCK Pi.


  • Answers to frequently asked technical questions
  • Answers to sale of ROCK Pi 4