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Rockpi4/downloads/community built images

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LibreELEC-RR 9.x [ Emulationstation | Retroarch | Pegasus | DolphinQT | Moonlight | Chrome | Spotify ]

This fork comes with all stock LibreELEC 9.x features but also with 3 different emulation frontends which were integrated into the Kodi Estuary theme. They allow you to run several libretro & standalone emulation cores to play basically all games of the common home consoles, arcade & home computer systems of the last decades.

Download Link




Debian ARM64 Build 4.4.154.c83

Image built by O635789.

Release notes:

  • OTG support is disabled in the kernel, so you can do ethernet over USB.
  • Bluetooth is working.
  • Audio is working.
  • Hardware acceleration in Chromium is working.
  • GPIO RX/TX is on ttyS2

[ROM] AndroidTV Pie Custom firmware v1.0 by mo123(2019-09-11)



It was not available in other firmwares. Please test if it works since I have no AVR equipment to test.

Latest Kodi 18.4 app:

  • Add various gamepads support
  • Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Elite controllers
  • Sony DS3 and DS4 controllers
  • Switch joycon and pro controllers
  • Steam controller(also need to use the Steam app)
  • Shield controller

  • Fix Home button on airmouses, USB remotes
  • Long press to see All apps screen
  • Single press to return to Android Homescreen
  • Double press for Recent apps
    •  ? Long press OK/DPAD_Center to close selected app window.
    •  ? Long press back button to close all recent apps


  • Add Wifi connect button on wifi password enter screen to be easily clicked with a mouse, airmouse to setup wifi without using the onscreen keyboard
  • General Wifi improvements
  • Fix ethernet stops/disconnects sometimes bug
  • Spoof ethernet as wifi connection
    •  ? This fixes some games like Asphalt that only work over wifi connections to also work if only using an ethernet connection

  • Fix Youtube VP9 videos freezing sometimes bug
  • Change frame-buffer to 1080p, 213DPI to help with 1080p Youtube support and less upscaling for video playback.
  • Set HDMI Bitstream as default audio device.
  • Add support for 192kbps FLAC audio support
  • Add Shutdown menu to TvSettings - About Screen
  • Fix SD-Card incorrect size reported sometimes
  • Fix Daydream settings not working on some languages
  • Improve overall speed of Android UI
  • Fix some apps running sideways to always run in landscape
  • Add some default Ad-blocker list to block some ads on websites
  • Add some extra apps.
    • Use MiXplorer File Manager(Samba v2 addon included) if wanting to access Samba v2.
    • Some other file managers only use Samba v1 which has less than half of the network performance of Samba v2.0. Kodi 18 also uses Samba v2 so you can use that to setup your network shares if playing high bit-rate videos over ethernet to get the best network speed.

Download link!RdV3HICS!ibg27aRCu...ZiBtbB4mmkIeGY Password: radxa

Use 7zip to unzip and flash the image with etcher to the EMMC.


LibreELEC built by mo123 for RockPi 4(2019-09-09)

LibreELEC for RockPi 4

  • Based on 08/09/2019 LibreELEC code
  • Upgraded to Kodi 18.4 base
  • Updated ffmpeg, mpp, rkbin, samba, addons
  • Enabled install addons from unknown sources by default
  • Enabled Expert Settings by default
  • Speed improvements
  • Added support for 1080p Netflix playback
  • Added RockPi logo on startup

Download Link: