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Description Linux MacOS Windows
Etcher - A user friendly Image Writer Linux 64bit | Linux 32bit balenaEtcher-1.4.9.dmg balenaEtcher-Setup-1.4.9-x86.exe

Official Images

You can verify the integrity of the files using the sha256sum and md5sum files.


Android Box Product.

Install Wiki,

Android9 Install Wiki.

Pre-installed opengapps 7.1.2, TV Google Play, Google LeanbackLauncher, YouTube.


Android Tablet Product.

Install Wiki,

Android9 Install Wiki.

DSI 480P: Canvas biggest 480*800, support Raspberry Pi official 7" Display, support Raspberry Pi official IMX219 camera.

Ubuntu logo.png

Ubuntu Server Product.

Install Wiki.

Ubuntu Server 18.04.


Debian Product.

Install Wiki.

Debian Stretch (9.9)

Update time :2019-07-30

Add switch for enable Raspberry pi official LCD screen, CPU overclocking, support Raspberry pi official camera module V1-OV5647.

Third Party Images


Armbian Product.

Install Wiki.

Armbian 5.67.


Manjaro Product.

Install Wiki



Recalbox Product.

Install Wiki.

Recalbox Beta.


LibreELEC Product.

Install Wiki.

LibreELEC (Leia) 9.1.002.

Dietpi logo.png

DietPi Product.

Getting started

DietPi Buster


Build 2019-10-18

Forum discussion

Community Built Images


Image built by Community members(Update 2019-09-11)

New ROM AndroidTV Pie Custom firmware by mo123