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Where can I buy ROKC Pi?

Currently you can buy it from Allnet. Check the Buy page

Where is ROCK Pi 4 Model A, I can't buy it from anywhere?

At the time of writing(17th, Nov), ROCK Pi Model A is still in production now. We will announce it when model A is ready to ship.

What's the prices for different models?


How to mount M.2 SSD?

How to solve board heat issue?



What Android verison running on ROCK Pi? Can I install Google Play apps?

Currently ROCK Pi 4 have two android 7.1 based images, Android TV like image and Android tablet interface image. Both support Google Play Store. The Android tablet like version supports touchscreen and Camera and HDMI. The Android TV version supports HDMI. Newer Android 9 is working in progress now.

Can I install Android on USB 3 or M.2 SSd?