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* [[Rockpi4/rockpi-android9 | Android9 Tablet]]
* [[Rockpi4/rockpi-android9 | Android9 Tablet]]
* [[Rockpi4/rockpi-android9 | Android9 TV]]
* [[Rockpi4/rockpi-android9 | Android9 TV]]
* [[ | Android9 Run on M.2 NVME SSD]]
* [[Rockpi4/install/android-NVME | Android9 Run on M.2 NVME SSD]]
* [ Solve Google Play Device is not Play Protect certified issue]
* [ Solve Google Play Device is not Play Protect certified issue]

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This is the documentation for ROCK Pi 4, written by Radxa Team with community contributions.

ROCK Pi 4 is a Rockchip RK3399 based SBC(Single Board Computer) by Radxa. It can run android or some Linux distributions. ROCK Pi 4 features a six core ARM processor, 64bit dual channel 3200Mb/s LPDDR4, up to 4K@60 HDMI, MIPI DSI, MIPI CSI, 3.5mm jack with mic, 802.11 ac WIFI, Bluetooth 5.0, USB Port, GbE LAN, 40-pin color expansion header, RTC. Also, ROCK Pi 4 supports USB PD and QC powering.

ROCK Pi 4 comes in two models, Model A and Model B, each model has 1GB, 2GB or 4GB ram options. for detailed difference of Model A and Model B, please check Specifications.


Rockpi 4B v13 breadboard front.png

Installing an operating system on your ROCK PI 4, including microSD card, eMMC module, USB drive and M.2 NVME SSD,

Information about Linux and Android development, this is mostly for developers.

Technical specifications about the ROCK Pi 4 hardware, including WI-FI module, LCD module, camera module, etc.

> More...

Remote Access

  • Answers to frequently asked technical questions
  • Answers to sale of ROCK Pi 4