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Wiki is deprecated

Please find the latest information from our new docs site.

Official ROCK Pi system images can also be downloaded from

For usernames and passwords please check the FAQ.


Description Linux MacOS Windows
Etcher - A user friendly Image Writer Linux 64bit | Linux 32bit balenaEtcher-1.4.9.dmg balenaEtcher-Setup-1.4.9-x86.exe

Official Images

Distribution Supported Boards Description

Version: Android11-20220408_1204

ROCK 3A/3B Install Wiki.

CM3 IO Install Wiki.


ROCK 3C and CM3S user please visit our new docs site.

Debian Bullseye (11)

Install Wiki

CM3S IO Debian11 Desktop Release Notice

ROCK 3C Debian11 Desktop Release Notice

User of Radxa CM3 RASPCM4IO requires change of dtb file. The detailed instruction is included in the image download page.

Community Built Images


Image built by Community members