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Rock3/CM3/raspcm4io/getting started

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This guide is written for using Radxa CM3 SoM with the Raspberry Pi CM4 IO Board. The purpose is to learn the details of the boards as well as how to prepare and set up for basic use.


Cm3 rpicm4 io board.png

What you need


  • Radxa CM3
  • Raspberry Pi CM4 IO board
  • One of the Storage media below:
    • microSD, larger than 8GB.
  • Power supply
    • The CM4 is powered by DC port and has a wide range of input voltage, 12V.
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse
    • With four USB-A connectors, CM4 IO can be equipped with a full sized keyboard and mouse.
  • Monitor and HDMI Cable
    • CM4 IO is equipped with a full sized HDMI connector. HDMI capable monitor is recommended.
    • HDMI EDID display data is used to determine the best display resolution. On monitors and TVs that support 1080p (or 4K) this resolution will be selected. If 1080p is not supported the next available resolution reported by EDID will be used. This selected mode will work with MOST but not all monitors/TVs.
  • USB Male A to Micro USB cable
    • If you want write image on CM4 IO from USB port, you need an USB Male A to Micro USB cable to connect CM4 IO and PC.


  • microSD Card Reader
    • For flashing the image into microSD Card
  • USB type A to type Micro USB
    • Write image on CM4 IO from USB port
  • USB to TTL serial cable
    • This is needed for serial console.
  • Ethernet cable
    • CM4 IO supports Internet access via WIFI or Ethernet.
    • An Ethernet cable is used to connect your CM4 IO to a local network and the Internet.

Boot order

Boot order for RK3566 maskrom to load the u-boot SPL is fixed to: SPI -> eMMC -> SD/MMC0. In u-boot SPL, the default boot order is SD/MMC0 -> eMMC -> SPI. So if we have both bootable image on eMMC and uSD card, the image in uSD card will boot first.

Power on

  • For CM3 v1.1 on RPi CM4 IO board, to power on the board, we need to trigger GLOBAL_EN(purple cable in picture), shortcut GLOBAL_EN for at least 500ms and release:


  • For CM3 v1.2 and later on RPi CM4 IO board, plug in DC, CM3 will power on automatically

System images and usage

Get your favorite system images from Radxa CM3 RPI CM4 IO Downloads.

And check the features of Ubuntu or Debian.

Flash images

Radxa CM3 RPI CM4 IO board supports two boot methods including booting from eMMC and booting from MicroSD. Select one of the following methods.


Check ROCK 3 FAQs first, if it doesn't help, start a new post on the forum